In fashion, is there anything more American than denim? Is there any fabric more iconic?

Out of their love of denim and extensive background in the denim industry two friends set out to create a brand, with the goal to design a great fitting jean that pays homage to the iconic fabric and history of denim

Morrison Denim brings the glamour and grit of denim through hand distressed accents and unique washes with a nod to the American Spirit that combine to tell a story of the times.

Drawing inspiration from denims utilitarian beginnings of workwear, to rebels of the 50’s, through the counterculture of the 60’s ; from the factory, to the streets to legendary fashion houses around the world. Morrison Denim focuses on balancing edge and whimsy through washes, details, and silhouette.

Morrison Denim is dedicated to the individual who is unapologetic, doesn’t feel the need to fit the mold, and is maybe even a bit of a rebel.